I am a mosaic artist currently living and working in my hometown of Sheffield, UK, and have recently set up a small business, ‘Andamento Mosaics’. My work is largely inspired by nature and I enjoy designing in both modern and ancient styles to create unique stone mosaics.


I began making mosaics 19 years ago whilst bringing up my family on a kibbutz in Northern Israel. Although I never set out to become a mosaic artist, having formerly followed an environmental route, when life did lead me in that direction it felt like a natural course to follow. I have always been attracted to beautiful stone, its lustre, colour and smooth, cold texture. Israel’s natural beauty is an inspiration in itself, but combined with the rich palette of coloured limestone available, it can only be described as the mosaic artist’s heaven.

As designer for an Israeli mosaic company in the 1990’s, I designed, made and installed numerous mosaic murals, floors, tables and mirrors. My work can be seen on the floors and walls of various large Israeli hotels, such as The Olive Tree Hotel, Jerusalem, as well as banks and religious institutions, most notably the Or Torah synagogue in Acco.

Floor of Or Torah Synagogue, Acco. On behalf of Eilon Mosaics.
Floor of Or Torah Synagogue, Acco. Created on behalf of Eilon Mosaics.

It was through the latter work that I developed my skills in creating realistic animal figures- like drawings in stone, and as you will see in the gallery, I have created a collection of bird pictures. Additionally, I have recreated numerous ancient Roman mosaics, and also adapted elements of them to create rugs and pictures with a more contemporary feel.

Andamento Mosaics
Lady from Zippori

I have always been fascinated by patterns and enjoy implementing Celtic styles which lend themselves to the mosaic medium. When making a mosaic, I particularly like taking advantage of the natural colour variations of the stone tesserae to create gentle shading and a 3D effect. Piece by piece they are hand cut and laid on a wooden or mesh base. After being grouted and polished, the mosaic decorations can enhance any room or garden. I would be delighted to undertake commissions to suit your particular needs. Please contact Rachel Levi on 07704511952 or by email: andamentomosaic@gmail.com