lady relaxing, 100cmx120cm, stone and gold leaf

I would be delighted to undertake commissions to suit your particular needs. Mosaics can be installed onto walls, such as splash backs, pictures, mirrors or borders, or in floors, and I am able to give new life to existing furniture. They can make unique gifts that are attractive and durable. I can provide suggestions for appropriate designs for your space, or am able to transform any picture to create a custom-made mosaic of any dimensions. See below for some commissions I have undertaken.


Most of the pictures and tables are made using a wooden mdf or plywood base and are delivered complete, with a strong wall attachment.

Zohar table diameter 70cm, stone and gold leaf
Borders on mesh backing
Greek Key border commissioned by Rega’ai Kesem Guesthouse, Israel

In some cases, such as a mosaic splash back, or bathroom border, a mesh base may be the most appropriate option and in this case, the mosaic is installed in place by using normal wall tiling methods.



Prices are determined according to the dimensions of the piece and complexity of the design. In general, the price increases with size. Please don’t hesitate to use the contact form if you have any queries.